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Cotai is the region of reclaimed land between the former islands of Coloane and Taipa in Macau, however the word (a combination of Coloane and Taipa) can also refer to the entire new island which was formed by the reclamation. In the second sense, Macau now consists of the Macau Peninsula plus Cotai Island, about a mile to the south.

The reclamation was performed in 2004, spearheaded by the vision of Sands China Chairman Sheldon Adelson, to provide more space in Macau for integrated resort development (the phrase "Cotai Strip" is a registered trademark of Sands). Cotai is adjacent to Hengqin Island (which is part of the city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, China), connected to Hengqin via the Lotus Bridge.

Approximately USD $50 billion has been invested in Cotai to create not only a luxurious district of integrated resorts like the Las Vegas Strip, but something more. Whereas the theme of Las Vegas is "Sin City," the theme of Cotai is opulence - "nothing but the best" - with the resort firms striving to create the most extravagant hotels with the finest architecture, restaurants, spas, entertainment, shopping and business meeting facilities, in addition to gaming.

While Cotai is still just beginning and not fully developed (with the $4.6 billion Grand Lisboa Palace soon to be opened, new hotels being added to existing resorts, and further developments planned) it already garners about two-thirds of the approximate $3 billion monthly gross gaming revenue (GGR) of Macau (as compared with the approximate $550 million monthly GGR of the Las Vegas Strip).

That's about $2 billion per month in Cotai gaming revenue alone, with close to half coming from high-rollers who mostly play in the private "VIP" rooms at the various casinos and sometimes bet $100,000 or more per hand playing baccarat. Many professional analysts predict significantly higher revenues likely in the years and decades ahead.

This may be aided by the "Greater Bay Area" plan to integrate Macau with Hong Kong and the major cities in Guangdong Province, and it may also be aided by the advent of hypersonic flight after some years, which will bring visitors from the West in record-breaking time.

It should greatly be aided by the billions of dollars now being invested in Hengqin, to turn the island into the "Orlando of China" with multiple theme parks and other attractions. When Hengqin is fully developed, Cotai (which is also next to Macau International Airport) will be the geographical center of the major tourist attractions in the area. A revealing article was recently published at

Hengqin and Macau will be the entertainment capital of Asia, office space and gaming stock investment advisable – Consultant

There may also be additional resorts constructed in the Seac Pai Van area, just south of the current strip, where The 13 Hotel was recently built. That could potentially double the number of Cotai casinos over time. The government is trying to reclaim "at least seven lots" which are not being used:

Casinos in Seac Pai Van

Thus, it seems inevitable that Cotai will become a world-renowned tourist destination and may come to be widely considered the leisure, entertainment, gaming and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) capital of the world.

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It should be noted that some Cotai VIPs may play exclusively in Cotai, preferring the new mega resorts to the older casinos on the Macau Peninsula, and some may be domain name investors as domain investing is somewhat popular in China, with short dotcom domains considered especially valuable.

Thus, a well-developed website at the one-and-only could attract a significant number of VIPs, not to mention other gamblers and vacationers worldwide who will be hearing more and more about Cotai as Macau increasingly promotes the region and the media increasingly reports on it. (Right now the infrastructure in Macau can barely handle the number of visitors they are receiving, with mass promotion awaiting completion of development.)

The revenue potential of such a website is, obviously, enormous, with responsible and knowledgeable people calling for the legalization and regulation of online gambling, despite China's current opposition to it. While Cotai's current $24 billion/year GGR is from gamblers who may perhaps visit a few times a year, they can play online anytime.

Large firms are investing heavily in online gambling and there will doubtless be numerous ventures targeting Cotai gamblers.

What better way to "dress for success" than be at The name itself should attract Cotai enthusiasts - via 1) enhanced response to advertising, online links and word-of-mouth marketing, 2) direct navigation, from both new and repeat visitors, and 3) SEO friendliness - and immeasurably increase the prestige of the website and its ability to retain loyal customers. For more information on the value of "exact-match" domains see this Forbes article:

Exact-Match Domain Names And Why Investors Value Them

Business executives are increasingly coming to realize the power and value of exact-match and brandable domains. The domain recently sold for $30 million and is reportedly selling for $90 million over time.


This domain name is potentially an extremely valuable marketing tool. If one of the Cotai resorts was to use the domain solely for an exclusive VIP club - without any online gambling - and consequently increased their share of the Cotai VIP gaming revenue alone by just one percent, that would mean additional revenue of about $100 million per year for the company, at current levels.

If the site - again, without online gambling - increased the company's share of all Cotai resort revenue by just one percent, the additional revenue would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $275 million per year - again, at current levels which could easily double in the next 10 years.

Add in the potential for legal, regulated, online gambling and the sky's the limit in our opinion.

{Updated November 19, 2019}

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